Free Eye test camp
Free Eye Testing Camp

Organizers: Lens & Meds team

Date: 6th December, 2020

Venue: Central Library in Kumara Swamy layout, Bangalore

A free eye checkup camp was organized by Lens and Meds team on 6th December, 2020. The camp was set up at the Central library in Kumara Swamy layout, Bangalore and with accommodation of handling 100+ patients.

The eye camp was well equipped with all the necessary gears for examining the patients’ eyes. Few people might neglect the problems with their eyes but it is the most important organ of the human body and should never be neglected. We clarified the roles and responsibilities of each partner to avoid confusion among us.

The charge for the eye checkup was free of cost. More than 100 patients were tested by the experts in the camp. The objective of this event was to spread awareness on eye disorder, their early detection and detect refractive errors and eye ailments. This camp will bring a change in behavior of the people and they would now start taking preventive measures to avoid eye health problems.

The people also asked the queries they had in their mind which were solved by us. Attendees with eye problems requiring continued medical attention were given referral slips. The camp turned out to be very beneficial to the people who attended our camp.

The details of the patient’s name, age, sex, and address were registered in the register notebook and patients were given a card for diabetic screening. All diabetic patients were registered in separate register. A screening card with the details collected in the diabetic screening is provided. Visual acuity testing is then performed in a separate room. Examination for diabetic retinopathy took place in a darkened booth. Patients with diabetes were provided information on the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy. In that, few patients had vision problems and spectacles were given at low cost

Because the concept of a DR screening camp is relatively new, specific publicity may be required. Publicity material should contain information on where, when, for what, and for whom these camps are useful. So we chose City Centre Library in Kumara Swamy Layout.

The camp conducted was well hygienic and sanitized. We undertook all the precautions against Covid-19 such as cleaning our hands often, maintaining a safe distance from anyone who is coughing or sneezing, wearing a mask when physical distancing was not possible, sanitizing after every patient was being seated.

The key elements in the successful implementation of this program have been a team approach. We thank the incharge Mr Ananda of Central Library for the cooperation.

All the camp visitors were highly satisfied with all the camp activities. By promoting diabetes education and screening for the disease and the resulting eye diseases, blindness may be prevented for many people who otherwise may not have access to information and care.