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Who We Are

One of the modern, asset light companies, uplifting the Indian healthcare market by disrupting its current state is the ultimate goal of Lens & Meds. As a part of this, we strongly believe in making eyecare a major part of the healthcare industry.

Here to connect 1% of all the 8L pharmacies in India, we are aiming to become India’s No.1 Super Healthcare Chain which will consistently provide Medical and Optical, Diagnostics and Insurance solutions, with Telemedicine rounding them all up, ultimately bringing all healthcare under one roof.

Who We Are

We have set our sight on simplifying healthcare by having a one-stop solution of comprehensive diagnostics, optical and pharmaceuticals.

Due to the non-availability of eyecare centers in rural areas, a lot of people don’t consider vision impairment as a deficiency and ignore to heed to it, until it’s almost too late. On the contrary, in urban areas the complexity of new age, flamboyant optical stores is causing a hindrance in the shopping ability for the older generation, who are technologically challenged.

We aspire to streamline this process by having an optical store in a pharmacy. This in turn would increase the overall value of pharmacies that are the major backbone of Indian healthcare system.

Committed to increasing awareness of personal health to each and every citizen of India, our next step is to develop health kiosks all over India, within each locality.

Our Services

Medical chain – B2B and C2B

Providing B2B services with our AI based inventory management system, we supply accurately segregated products as requested with minimal hassle and in an express manner, decreasing stock in period and generating better revenues. We source all our products directly from reputed manufacturers or their authorized representatives while we ensure they are stored and transported properly in optimal containers and conditions. We record their movement from source to destination to ensure transparency and traceability. Stringent quality standards for procurement and storage ensure that our products are 100% genuine and efficacious.

As for our own in house pharmacies, we provide our customers with precise and several options to shop with us for any and all medicines, be it online, mobile, call centre or a physical store. Through our online interface, it is easy to place orders and to manage your health records and prescriptions online. Our comprehensive order management system supports tracking and accountability at the user and order level.

Optical Service

Home eye testing, camps

Diagnostics Services

Home blood collection, camps at aggregator stores, malls, apartments parks etc

Home Care Services

Give few as in sanjivini

Health Insurance

One stop solution for insurance, pay as you need.. under development

Healthy Indians

Tech based monthly monitoring system

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Director of Online and Offline sales

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