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  • Absorbs high energy UV and Blue light emitted from LEDs
  • Relaxation in eye muscles, better sleep
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What is Blue Light?

Blue Light, or more specifically High Energy Visible Light (HEV) is a portion of the light spectrum which is just visible to human perception. They range from 380-500nm, coming right under UV rays, which aren't in the visible spectrum of light, but cause damage to the eyes.

And right now, blue light is everywhere around us. That's right. All LED digital devices emit blue light. Long gone are those days when the only source of blue light was the sun. Now we have brought blue light inside our homes by way of digital screens found on TVs, Smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, gaming systems, LEDs and fluorescent lighting.

Why is Blue Light Damaging?

DigiBlue glasses

Sleep Disruption

The Blue light from LEDs throws the body's biological clock—the circadian rhythm—out of whack.

damage of blue light


Due to the strain caused to eye muscles, people frequently develop persistent headaches that are disruptive.

eye strain


With a high contrast in the colours emitted from screens, the muscles in people’s eyes get increasingly stressed.

Blurred Vision

Too much exposure over a long period of time damages the light receptors in people’s eyes leading to their vision becoming blurry.

digiblue glasses prevents dry eyes

Dry Eyes

With eye muscles being strained, people over-compensate by keeping their eyes open for longer leading to dry eyes



All the other effects increase stress which causes fatigue, but due to those effects, sleep won't be as relaxed which further increases fatigue.

Why Zero PowerDigiBlue glasses computer glasses?

In these times, when children spend all their time on their mobiles, especially in the dark, the blue light emitted from screens are particularly damaging. On top of this, it is now becoming mandatory for kids to attend online classes everyday for at least three hours, where chances of long term deterioration occurring to their eyes are high.

This is where the benefits of zero power computer glasses come in. DigiBlue glasses stops blue light of the screens from entering into the eyes helping reduce discomfort in your kids' eyes. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

blue light glasses

Benefits of screen glasses

uv protection glasses computer

Enhancing your Protection

Protects your eyes by absorbing high energy UV and Blue Light emitted from LEDs

screen protection glasses

Enriching your Colour Vision

Improves your visual performance to differentiate between colours in low contrast.

glasses for computer use

Ebbing the hold of your Ocular Muscles

There is a significantly noticeable relaxation of your eye muscles due to the downshift in hues.

blue blocking glasses

Easing your strained eyes

There is a marked reduction in the strain caused to your eyes from looking at glowing screens at night.

glasses to relax eyes

Exalting the quality of your sleep

Boost your standards to being able to sleeping easier and deeper without any side effects.


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How do computer reading glasses work?

Human eyes have adapted to the wavelength of blue light normally produced by the sun. What the LED spectrum produces has a spike in wavelength only for blue light. And all our electronic devices produce light using LEDs. Consequently, this spike in blue light gradually damages our eyes.

What blue cut anti-glare glasses do is to remove the spike of blue light and add anti-reflection coating. It reduces the wavelength of blue light towards the levels to which our eyes have adapted to via evolution.

digiblue glasses
digiblue glasses

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